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Cutting-Edge Cancer Research Gains Momentum

Points Group, LLC is proud to announce its long-term strategic support of HeritX, a nonprofit research and development organization focused on finding a preventive therapy for inherited cancer.

“When we were first introduced to HeritX and learned about the unique mission and personal story behind the organization, it really touched us. That’s why we decided to put our weight behind this cause,” states Thomas Hofstetter, Managing Partner at Points Group.

“As a healthcare consulting and marketing company, Points Group has all of the expertise to help companies grow and thrive. We have been looking for a charity or humanitarian mission to support, and we are extremely happy to be involved with a passionate organization that will have such a huge impact on cancer prevention,” states Katie Bourke, Partner at Points Group. Dr. Thomas Bock, Chairman and CEO of HeritX, founded the organization in 2015 after spending 15 years as a senior executive in leading biopharmaceutical companies with experience in medical oncology, academic medical research, the biopharmaceutical industry and the nonprofit sector. The organization’s founding was inspired by Dr. Irina Bock, who was diagnosed with BRCA1 breast cancer and melanoma. Following her diagnosis, he dedicated his career and life’s work to making cancer prevention a reality.

“Because of treatment, my wife was able to overcome cancer. However, since we have the BRCA mutation, treatment does not prevent another cancer diagnosis in our family. Finding a preventive therapy is the only way to stop it from being passed from generation to generation,” states Dr. Thomas Bock.

Inherited cancer typically occurs at an early age and takes an aggressive course. Understanding the sense of urgency, HeritX has developed a unique and accelerated approach to fast track therapies to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. To do so, it has brought the brightest minds together across scientific fields from international institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, University of Toronto, National Cancer Institute, UCSF BRCA Center and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to build a shared roadmap of collaborative ideas.

“We are starting with cancers triggered by the BRCA gene mutation to find therapies like a vaccine or a pill to protect people from developing inherited cancer,” explains Dr. Thomas Bock. “We believe it can be a reality for our children’s generation.

“Now, with Points Group joining our cause, we are completing another important objective: Accelerating our momentum to help us raise awareness and funds. In doing so, we are another step closer to our goal.”

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HeritX is a dynamic nonprofit research and development organization driven to prevent inherited cancer. It is the only organization worldwide focused solely on the goal of preventing inherited cancers, rather than treatment after cancer has already occurred.