Melissa Ruppel
December 17, 2020


  • Google Maps News Feed
  • SEO Benefits of Maps
  • Map Trends to Look for in 2021

The Future of Digital Maps

Google Community Feed: New Feature Integrated with Google Maps

Google Maps introduced its own news feed feature this month called the Community Feed. Within the Explore Tab of Google Maps, this feed will consist of posts from local businesses, Local Guides and other Google users you follow in your area. This makes it even easier to discover new places and recommendations whether you’re staying home or traveling somewhere new. 

Previously, Google My Business posts were fleeting and hard to find at the bottom of GMB listings. They were not integrated with Google Maps, until now. With the Community Feed, local businesses can be discovered easily and can pass along important updates, such as holiday hours, special promotions and more.

SEO Strategy: Update Your NAP Info in Map Apps

When it comes to local search engine optimization (SEO), online citations (name, address and phone number [NAP]) are an incredibly important piece of the complicated puzzle. Ensuring that your business can be found through online search requires that your NAP be correct and consistent across your website, Google My Business and hundreds of other online directories. This is an onerous task to perform. Now, add that NAP task to the map apps. Waze and Apple Maps are becoming increasingly popular in the US with 30 million and 23 million monthly users, respectively. People are using the map apps as a search engine. They provide a one-stop search for your physical address and directions. For the sake of your rankings, as well as the user experience, do not ignore these apps when it comes to your overall SEO strategy.

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The Future of Digital Maps

What does the future of digital maps bring us? Trends include: 

  1. Maps will become search engines with much more sophisticated features. The following are examples of detailed searches in context with location and distance: 
    • Find a pub in Morristown that serves chicken fingers and has pool tables
    • Find the pizza place in a 3 mile radius that is the least busy and has certain toppings
    • Find a beach nearby with good shelter in case of rain 
  2. More real-time traffic and travel information will be linked and combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide sophisticated alerts. For example:
  3. You’ll be able to find locations based on pictures.
  4. E-commerce will be front and center in maps:
    • Find best deals close by 
    • Make table reservations and other reservations
  5. All major tech giants will play in this arena, due to the importance. For example, Amazon announced their auto-development kit recently.
  6. Augmented reality will supplement even more sophisticated usage of maps and will allow the usage of augmented reality advertising.
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