Melissa Ruppel
March 15, 2021


TikTok Q&A

TikTok recently launched a new Q&A feature that allows users to comment the same way as on posts; however, users have the option to select Q&A. Doing so puts their question or comment in the creator’s Q&A feed. The feed compiles all questions and answers that the creator leaves. They can answer with a text comment or with a video, but the answers will stay on this feed for users to review in one place. 

This is a great new feature, as it shows that TikTok is paying attention to the type of content posted and the way users interact on their platform. They are evolving with how users use their app and developing a better platform to meet these needs. This also gives them a leg up against new competitors who are copying the video style, like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

WordPress 5.7: Esperanza

In a previous episode, we discussed the differences between open-source content management systems, like WordPress, and closed content management systems, like Squarespace and Wix. While WordPress is historically perceived as a complex platform that requires extensive knowledge of website development, their new business strategy focuses on becoming the leading system for all users, no matter what level of website design and development they have. 

This week, WordPress launched its latest update. WordPress 5.7, named Esperanza, added several new features that will be beneficial for all users and even digital marketers, including: 

  • One-click HTTP to HTTPS conversion
    • HTTPS checker is also now included in the native site health report.
  • Easier to use editor
    • The native editor now includes more tools such as font style options, reusable blocks and a drag-and-drop feature that will eliminate the need for any third-party page builder templates.
  • Lazy loading iFrames
    • Lazy loading is a development practice that delays the initial loading of page elements until they’re actually needed. This will greatly reduce page loading times.

Not only are these new features making website development easier for non-coders, but they also put a focus on page loading and overall site speed. This is their first response to Google’s Page Experience and Core Web Vitals Update coming later this year. 

Whether you’re an experienced developer or a small business owner just trying to have an online presence, consider all of your content management systems before deciding on a platform. However, WordPress 5.7 probably needs to be at the top of your list.

The Advantages and Challenges of Diversification and Inclusion in Advertising

In a study released by Facebook and covered by Marketing Dive underrepresentation of cultures in advertising was explored. Seventy one percent of consumers expect diversity in advertising, but 54 percent of people don’t feel culturally represented in online ads. And 59% of consumers are more loyal to brands that stand for diversity. 

Facebook’s findings confirm that diversity and inclusion in online advertising has a positive effect on how brands engage with consumers, as well as delivering better business outcomes. Other research has also shown that diverse representations in ads have a higher ad recall in 90% of the cases. 

Despite realizing the positive impact of diversity and inclusion in advertising, marketers are still not bridging the gap to fully address misrepresentation and underrepresentation. This poses, perhaps, the greatest difficulty for small businesses. Without the ability for big budget advertising photo shoots, small businesses routinely use stock imagery. Image libraries are known for their reduced diversity. Though diversification and inclusatory material may be found in general imagery, that diversification drops off as soon as businesses have specific image needs.

To deal with this inadequacy, incorporate a thorough discussion early in the process of your marketing activities. Don’t focus just on online advertising either. Be sure to consider brochures, website development and presentations as well. Until stock image collections catch up, the onus is on businesses to be creative in finding ways to provide accurate representation in their marketing efforts.

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