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Facebook Fan Page Becomes Brand Timeline

Many people don’t like change, but apparently Facebook does!  There have been a number of big updates on the Facebook Profile layouts (Check out the evolution of Facebook profiles.) With that, it was only a matter of time that Facebook would change their fan/business page format.

Starting March 31, 2012 all current Facebook Fan Pages will be updated to a Timeline format—similar to Timeline for personal profiles. In order to continue to maximize your Facebook marketing efforts, it is necessary to be aware of these changes and adjust your current business page properly.

Mashable listed the major changes to be aware of in a recent article entitled, “Facebook Brand Timelines: 6 Big Changes Every Marketer Needs to Know”.

It outlines the following changes:

  1. Updated Look and Feel (New Layout with cover photo, 2 main columns)
  2. Reduced Tab Visibility (No left side panel of links/tabs, displayed differently under cover photo)
  3. No Default Landing Pages (Loss ability to set a customized default-landing page)
  4. New Way to Feature Content (Ability to pin a certain post to the top of the Timeline for a period of time)
  5. Current Tab Content and Applications Become Outdated (All current applications need dimension adjustments for new layout)
  6. Private Messages Between Brands and Users (Added ability to send and receive messages to/from consumers)
  7. An additional feature not mentioned is the new Admin panel for people managing the Brand Timeline.  All in one view, you can keep track of your page activity with notifications, messages, new “likes” and insights (statistics).

Be sure to stay ahead of the curve and prepare your new Brand Timeline page for its “makeover” with appropriate updates.

If you need assistance with implementing these changes or further suggestions, feel free to contact us.

*Thanks to Mashable for the Facebook Timeline image*