How to Use Your Author Byline to Impact Google E-A-T

While displaying bylines on your blog is not a direct Google ranking factor, it does help Google E-A-T which comes from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines—guidelines used to evaluate and score websites and webpages to provide users with the highest quality search results.

What does E-A-T stand for?

  • Expertise—Are you an expert on the topic? Do you have the credentials to back up the information you are providing?
  • Authority—Do you display your background as an industry leader? Can users view you as a reliable source for the given information?
  • Trustworthiness—Do you provide truthful and accurate information within your industry?

Is E-A-T a Google Ranking Factor?

In order for something to be a direct ranking factor, it has to be a tangible measure that computer algorithms can evaluate and rank, such as page speed or keywords in titles. E-A-T indirectly impacts rankings by assessing how “good” the content is from a human perspective, not a data-driven one.   . That’s why E-A-T is evaluated by thousands of human Quality Raters, not machines. The human Quality Raters have no control over how pages rank, but their feedback helps Google know how well their algorithms and ranking systems are working. Google can then tweak the ranking algorithms appropriately. Watch this video by Google to learn more about their process.

Importance of Bylines

Transparency is the key in signaling Google’s E-A-T and continues to be a growing priority for Google as a whole. The level of E-A-T Google expects of a website depends on the topics presented on that website, as well as the extent the content is YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) in nature.

For example, medical information produced or written by an author or organization that has the appropriate medical expertise and/or accreditation in that area has a high E-A-T factor.  

Including a byline on your blog is an easy way to improve your on-page optimization (ranking) by highlighting the author’s authoritativeness on the subject and the company website’s overall user expertise in the industry.

Consider bylines as more than just a formality. Get creative! Use your byline to:

  • Promote your product/service
  • Link to social media profiles
  • Generate leads
  • Add more keywords!

Google is reported to change their algorithm 500-600 times per year. Points Group is a full-service marketing agency specializing in the medical field. Our job is to keep our clients ahead of the changes so they can focus on their job—the business of healthcare. Contact us today.


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