In today’s fast-paced environment, is it possible to do it all? How does one juggle all the work responsibilities we encounter in a day and still have time to breathe? While there are apps available to help you manage your workflow (more on that in a bit), no app can ensure you’re taking the right action.

By utilizing the tips below and personalizing them to fit your day, you’ll find that you’re breathing a little easier and getting more work done.

Plan Ahead

The most important thing is to not become overwhelmed at any point. During the weekend, take a few minutes to make a list, prioritizing all you hope or need to accomplish in the coming week. Doing this during the weekend allows you to reward yourself for taking the time to sort everything out. When planning, know the difference between urgent and important, as they are not the same thing.

Don’t Put It Off!

You know that project you really don’t want to do, let alone think about? Do it first. Get it out of the way early to avoid wasting your energy thinking about it in the back of your mind all day, or all week!

Get Moving, Get Breathing

When planning your week, include time to exercise in some way, whether it be choosing the stairs over the elevator, or walking to get lunch instead of driving. If you can get out of the office, even for just a few minutes, you’ll find that this will help to break up your day, and give you a second wind to finish your work.

Digital vs. Paper

While there are many advantages to using an app for your digital lists, such as integration with calendars, don’t be so quick to write off (pun intended) using a good old-fashioned pen and paper. This allows you to really think about your tasks and to make sure each is scheduled appropriately.

Wiggle Room

Be sure to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to meet a deadline. This allows you to be better prepared for delays along the way and still stay on schedule. Remember to plan time for thinking and strategizing; to exclude these from your planning can be detrimental to your timeline.

What Do You Want?

Set goals for yourself, often. This can be a daily goal, or a weekly goal, whatever fits your list of priorities. You should always be working towards something, as the victory of achieving your goal, no matter the size, can motivate you to produce your best work.

Don’t Forget!

No matter what method you use to write your list, make sure you have paper and a pen handy at all times. As you think of things throughout the day, write them down to be added to your main list later, so you don’t forget anything.

Do Not Disturb

When you need to get something done, close your door and disconnect. Also, you may find it helpful to turn off your speakers or cell phone ringer. Constant email notifications or text messages can be very distracting, and frequent interruption of your train of thought will lead to errors. Plan to check your emails and phone at certain points throughout the day, not “on command.”

Keep Social Media Personal

Many people use social media for professional reasons, and that is fine. However, if you are checking your own personal accounts during the day, you may find your to-do’s taking longer than anticipated to get through. Try to limit your time on social networks to when you are home, or if you simply must check in during the day, let it be during your lunch break.

Follow these tips to keep your workweek manageable, and maybe even enjoy some
unexpected breathing room between projects!

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