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The Often Overlooked Value of High Quality Web Hosting

By now, we should all know when creating a website, the single most important thing to get right is user experience. Google has reinforced this message by claiming the sole purpose of its business is making a better user experience on the web.

When we consider this, it only makes sense that factors such as site speed prove essential when Google is determining the value of your website. One of the most common mistakes a small business makes when setting up a website is choosing one of the cheaper hosting packages available. Time and time again you will see large budgets set aside for website development, only to have it hosted on a server that leaves something to be desired.

Google estimates that nearly half of all visitors to a mobile website will leave if the page doesn’t load within 3 seconds. This comes as no surprise in today’s fast-moving world where everyone expects instantaneous information.

There are so many free tools on the web that developers and website administrators can use to gain insight on page performance, ensuring visitors are getting an enjoyable experience. One of the best tools that can be used for quickly testing page speed is Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

When it comes to site speed, another element to consider is the cost of a low-quality host. Generally speaking, lower costs equal slower loading times, and that will affect your bottom line. Consider this:

The prospect of saving $10 a month on a hosting plan might seem like an easy way to save some money until you really do the math.

Let’s just say, for example, that each conversion from your website profits your business $50. If you have a conversion rate of 3% and daily traffic of 500 visitors, this means you would see 15 conversions a day, netting you a daily profit of $750.

Now, imagine you had gone with the less-expensive hosting plan with slower page load times. You end up getting half the actual traffic with only 250 daily visitors. This would mean that you’re only getting 7.5 conversions a day, netting you a daily profit of $375.

This would mean that the $10 a month that you save on hosting could actually end up costing you $375 a day in potential profits or a staggering $11,250 a month.

Cutting corners when it comes to web hosting (and site speed) can be detrimental to your user experience. Make sure you attain a high-quality hosting package.

Points Group offers a managed hosting package using Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology. With it, your site gains the unbeatable performance available to some of the largest brands in the world without the worry of behind-the-scenes technology. For more information, Contact Us today.