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Understanding Your Patients Is the Key to Growing Your Practice

As a marketing agency, having advised many medical practices across a wide variety of disciplines, we often notice one thing in common with new clients. Physicians spend a great deal of time honing their skills, developing their knowledge about the conditions they treat and educating themselves on new procedures and treatments. Doctors often believe that this is the key to growing their practice and generating a steady stream of new patients. Of course, all of this is valuable and can drive word-of-mouth referrals. But, it goes far beyond that. To develop and maintain a successful medical practice, you must know your patients – where they come from, how far they’re willing to travel and in what demographic groups they are included.

Does it really matter?

Why is it important to know this amount of detail about my current patients? Isn’t the primary goal simply to treat patients and make them well? Our answer to the second question is yes. However, in order to have the opportunity to treat and cure people, you must know who to target as part of your marketing activities. For example, it could be an ineffective use of time and money to focus on bringing in new patients from areas that are 15 miles from your office if the large majority of your patients only travel within a five-mile radius. Likewise, you need to determine whether there is an untapped area in close proximity to the office from which your practice is not drawing patients. When you understand who you are trying to reach, you can identify and resolve gaps in the current expansion efforts. This intelligence is crucial and should be utilized when developing a growth strategy.

How can Points Group help?

At Points Group, we have developed a proprietary system that allows us to analyze the catch basin of any practice, down to the office location and physician. This analysis provides insight and helps us develop a growth strategy that will drive a positive return on your marketing investment. Whether it be through digital marketing, referral and community marketing or with more traditional activity, like advertising and direct mail, you must make yourself seen and stand out among the competition. Points Group will identify who the prospects are, where they are and how they should be targeted.

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