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Points Forms International Healthcare Marketing Network With Partners in Germany and Brazil

Florham Park, NJ, May 21, 2018 – Points Group, a leading strategy, branding and marketing company that specializes in healthcare in the USA, Agentur Webfox, a top German healthcare and marketing agency and Narro, a Brazilian reference healthcare and marketing agency, have announced the formation of an international network of healthcare marketing agencies. The group is focused on providing companies in the healthcare industry the ability to market internationally.

The three founding agencies already have established long-standing relationships that they will now expand to provide fully integrated marketing and delivery services in North America, South America and Europe.

“This network will provide tremendous opportunities to our clients”, says Thomas Hofstetter, Managing Partner at Points Group. They will benefit from the extensive local knowledge and expertise in the targeted markets, while having the ability to work through a single agency in their own geographic region”.

“With the changes in the European healthcare industry, we are excited about this network, since it will provide additional expertise and execution services to our clients from markets that are trail blazing some of the world-wide trends in healthcare”, says Darious Niroumand, CEO at Agentur Webfox.

“Narro has been serving 10 of the 12 biggest pharma companies in South America and we are excited about the fact that we can now offer seamless marketing execution services across three continents through our partners, Points Group in the USA and Agentur Webfox in Germany”, says Rafael Volpi, Executive Director at Narro.

In the future, the network seeks to expand its geographic reach to include other international agencies that are focused on the healthcare industry