Keep the Google Spiders Crawling: Blogging for SEO Purposes

Continuing our “Blogging About Blogging” series, we tackle blogging for SEO purposes.

Last week we went over the “listening” aspect of blogging;  we spoke about interacting with your community and building your brand by opening yourself to comments from the public.  This week we’ll delve into another reason to create and maintain a business blog: SEO.

Why blog for SEO purposes?

With Google (and other search engines) constantly changing search algorithms, one thing we do know for sure, is that websites are rewarded for fresh, relevant content.  This means, no longer can a company build a site in 2008, not add any information or content for three years and expect to rank highly in organic searches in areas with legitimate competition.  In addition to continually creating pages and adding info to your website, blogging is a great platform to keep the Google spiders crawling through your website for content.  Blogging provides a medium through which to create keyword-rich, relevant information that’s as irresistible to Google’s spiders as a juicy fly trapped in a web is to a real spider.

When you blog for SEO, CONTENT IS KING

The days of simply stuffing a page full of keywords to try and trick Google are over.  In the long-term, creating steady, relevant content directed to your target audience is what will pay dividends for your website ranking and traffic.  No matter your area of business, you can find something to blog about.

For example, if your business was selling roses, here would be some sample blog topics:

  • The significance of roses through history
  • A collection of beautiful rose gardens
  • How to pick the perfect rose

Stay tuned to the Points Group Blog for further additions to Blogging About Blogging and more.  For further help or insight on blogging for business, feel free to contact us.


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