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Ultimate Public Relations

There is no such thing as being too involved in your client’s PR campaign. I know this not just through my own experience, but I grew up watching my dad, the late Bernard Averbuch. Bernie, as he was called, was a well-known fixture of San Francisco journalism, politics and general public relations. He was a master, and had more clever ways to promote clients than anyone I’ve ever met.

I thought of that as I was changing into scrubs at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in order to attend the pre-surgery interview of Dr. Tushar Patel and Dr. Andrew Elkwood of The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction prior to a hernia operation utilizing their unique system of BARs (Bony Anchored Reinforcement) which is to be broadcast on the network television show, The Doctors. (stay tuned for the broadcast date).

Having written an interview with Dr. Elkwood on this procedure, which he invented, as well as having done an interview the patient who was to appear with him on the television show for a press release, I was steeped in an understanding of the procedure-—and ready with facts and statistics which I provided to the show’s producer, and as prompts for the doctors during their interview. What’s more, Dr. Elkwood had taken the step to talk me through a presentation that he gives to fellow physicians, which deepened my ability to visualize and understand the procedure.

In addition, being in the OR, so close to surgery, was a truly enlightening and satisfying experience; a way to further understand my clients, and what they do.

My point is that if we want to best serve clients in getting their message communicated in the most effective and impactful way possible, we should not hesitate to engage ourselves as completely as possible: both intellectually and emotionally.

Teach us your trade: give us some techniques that are key to getting the best possible exposure, and if you are a client, tell us your optimal PR wish.

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