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Urology Patients Are Ready for Ads

Your urology practice should be advertising because your patients and potential patients are one of the most responsive audiences. Take a look at some of these statistics.

In the last 30 days, this many urology patients have taken action in response to ads:

  • Direct mail: 34.8 percent
  • TV: 32.9 percent
  • Email ad or newsletter: 29 percent
  • PPC: 28.3 percent
  • Newspaper (print or online): 26.4 percent

Urology patients are more responsive than general audiences. They are more likely to take action in response to information, such as your practice’s content marketing efforts.

  • Face-to-face or word of mouth info: 18 percent more likely to take action
  • News article (print or online): 16 percent more likely
  • In-store signage: 14 percent more likely
  • Press release: 23 percent more likely

Urology patients are more likely to leave reviews, whether they’ve had a good or bad experience. Email and marketing automation can help increase the number of reviews your patients leave.

  • Good: 38 percent more likely
  • Bad: 57 percent more likely

Whether your urology practice is interested in print advertising, video advertising, pay-per-click campaigns or content marketing, Points Group can help. We are a full-service, boutique marketing agency specializing in the medical field and have long experience working with urology practices. Contact us today.