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Use These Content Marketing Trends for Success in 2023

Content marketing trends are constantly changing, which is why it’s incredibly important for your business or healthcare practice to keep up with the game. Knowing and understanding the latest content marketing trends can keep you soaring far above your competitors in terms of engagement, reach, and conversion.

Here are 5 of the top content marketing trends for 2023 that can set you up for a successful new year!

1. Video

Short-form videos (any video that lasts under 60 seconds) have gained traction in recent years thanks to highly engaging platforms like TikTok. AdAge reports that the average consumer attention span is 8 seconds and that about 33% of viewers lose interest after the first 12 seconds, which is why short-form videos are a must.

Find creative ways to use short-form videos in your marketing strategy and break up longer videos into shorter segments, if possible.

2. Strategic SEO

Today’s search engines are smarter than ever and can easily spot when SEO strategists are using outdated practices like keyword stuffing. They can also spot and weed out unnatural-sounding content that is written for robots for the sake of boosting SEO.

Change your current SEO strategy, so it caters only to your target audience and provides real value. When your sole focus is developing quality content, Google and other search engines will start ranking your content higher.

3. Empathy and Human-Focused Content

A formal and stuffy professional voice doesn’t resonate well with today’s consumers, who are now navigating to brands that seem more relatable, emphatic, and human. Consumers have long been conditioned to recognize sales pitches and will be more loyal to brands and companies that have natural, human voices.

When developing content, keep the patient experience in mind and create content that makes them feel as if you are truly listening and understanding what they need.

4. High-Quality Researched Content

Today’s Internet is rife with inaccurate claims and misinformation. People no longer want to be told what to think—they want transparency: claims and information that are backed by reliable, concrete data.

Invest time into researching before publishing any content—especially on social media channels—and link to credible sources when making any claims you think may be challenged by your audience. Better yet, hire a content marketing firm that specializes in digital and social media marketing that can take care of this for you.

5. Consistency

Consumers navigate toward brands they trust, and consistency is key to building and establishing trust. Publish content regularly, even if it’s only once a week. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, as this can drive away prospective patients.

Follow these tips to stay on top of the most recent content marketing trends:

    • Subscribe to content marketing blogs and newsletters.
    • Listen to digital marketing podcasts.
    • Gain inspiration from top brands and competitors in your industry.
    • Sign up for digital marketing courses to learn the newest strategies.
    • Frequently review Google Alerts that are related to your keywords.

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