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Using GIFs to Enhance Your Online Presence

The internet is a constantly evolving creature that seems impossible to keep up with. Staying on top of online trends and making them work for your brand is a tireless job. But there is one trend that’s been around since 1987 and is still relevant 30 years later. (In internet years, that’s an eternity.)

The internet trend that you couldn’t get rid of even if you tried: GIFs.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and it’s those little moving pictures that you see EVERYWHERE. They’re like a hybrid between an image and a video, and they are an excellent way to capture the attention of a user. GIFs can often be seen as a silly and fun way to goof off on the web, but when used strategically, they can actually hold value for your brand.

Visuals are a vital piece of any campaign. They help bring your message to life, and as a visual society, they attract the consumer. In 2014, 87 percent of interactions on Facebook included images. And statistics show that social media engagement increases by up to 37 percent when images are included in your posts.

So how do you turn GIFs into something of value? Well, you need to follow a few ground rules:

1. Stay true to your branding

When creating your GIF, you want to stray away from the crazy colorful cat images that this all started with:

Your GIF should follow the same guidelines that any other creative piece would. Fonts, colors and logos should all be consistent with your brand’s look and feel. Your GIF should be professional in nature and communicate your message clearly. Make the imagery appropriate for the audience you are trying to target.

2. Take the opportunity to educate

GIFs are a create way to instruct users on the correct use of a new product or service you are offering. Take those step-by-step pictures you already have and turn them into an easy-to-digest GIF. This adds a little fun and a lot of function to a normally boring process.

While you’re at it, you can also educate on intangible things, such as your brand’s values. Use a GIF to incorporate different attributes of your brand into one cohesive, moving image.

3. Partner with the right people (influencers)

If you’re going for a larger campaign, partnering with an influencer may be the right move. Influencers are defined as people on social media who have a large network that looks to them for guidance (e.g., mommy bloggers, fitspo bloggers, cookings bloggers, etc.). Choose an influencer with similar values to your own and one that can possibly benefit from your campaign. With the right influencer, you can get more exposure and the right exposure. Having that influencer share your GIF with his/her network will give you a much larger reach with way more credibility.

In short, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your campaign, GIFs are the way to go. They provide an opportunity to create engaging content that is compatible across many mediums. At Points Group, we offer a wide array of marketing and consulting services that include campaign development (we’ll even make you a GIF of your own). Contact us today to build a marketing strategy that is right for you.