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Ways You Should be Using LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

The LinkedIn platform provides businesses with the opportunity to drive traffic to your website, find quality leads and grow your network. Companies can also market job opportunities and engage with candidates. All of these can be done through paid ads and organic posting, as well as other unique marketing campaigns available only on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Ads

Marketers have rated LinkedIn Ads the #1 platform for B2B lead generation. Why? Because LinkedIn Ads provides a one of a kind benefit for business: their targeting options. Ads can be targeted based on professionals job title, job function, company, company size, industry and more. This allows businesses to reach their specific audience, and know the right people are seeing their ads. 

Four out of five LinkedIn users are the decision makers for their company. Be sure you are reaching those decision makers with LinkedIn Ads.

Organic Posting

To complement a paid ads strategy, businesses have the ability to post organically to their LinkedIn profile. Individuals can follow your page, as they would on any other social media, and see your posts in their news feed. Users can follow post topics or hashtags to find specific content that fits their interests. Businesses can share these posts to all of their followers or target these organic posts. Organic post targeting is similar to paid targeting, where you can designate things like Job Function, Location, Seniority, Company Size and more. Again, this helps you further segment your audience into people who are interested in your product or service. 

* Did you know that LinkedIn users are 14x more likely to share content from their employer? Be sure to post relevant and useful content your employees will share, putting you in front of their network and growing your connections.

LinkedIn Groups

Another way LinkedIn allows like-minded professionals to connect and interact is through its groups. Anyone can create a new group that people can join, and there are multiple groups for any topic you can think of. This allows professionals to share tips and insights related to that group’s topic. Businesses have the opportunity to grow their connections, establish their business as an expert in the field and boost brand awareness. These groups also provide an opportunity for businesses to post about their product or services to people who are interested in the topics. As a group owner, you can also send messages to the group members.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sale Navigator is specifically made for your businesses sales, and to manage your outbound efforts within LinkedIn. With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool, you can expand your LinkedIn network, have access to an advanced lead and company search platform, receive lead and account recommendations and set job change and target company news alerts. With this tool, LinkedIn will help you discover the right people to target with suggestions customized for your campaign.

Direct Messages: InMail Messages

InMail allows users to send targeted direct messages to their target market. One in two prospects open a message ad they receive. Your message is customized, with a single CTA to attract your target audience to your website, app, online store or whatever your campaign goal is. You’ll be able to track your campaign performance by viewing your message open rate and click-through rate.

Job Postings

LinkedIn is a go to source for candidates looking for new job opportunities. With 40 million people using LinkedIn to search for jobs, it is vital for your company to utilize this feature to find new candidates. Again, there is detailed targeting information for job searchers to find the perfect job opportunity based on their industry, experience, location preference and interests. Job postings can also be posted to the newsfeed to reach your followers or followers of certain hashtags.

Measuring your success on LinkedIn

On the organic side, LinkedIn provides information about your post, including impressions, reactions, clicks, comments, engagement rate and shares. This will help you analyze whether you are reaching your right target, posting engaging content and utilizing the right hashtags. 

LinkedIn Ads will provide the number of impressions, clicks and likes your ads generate. You can also utilize LinkedIn Insights Tag to track conversions, like contact form submissions, app downloads, purchases or phone calls. The tag is easy to install, and can be added right to Google Tag Manager. This adds another layer of data you can use to track how well your campaigns are performing, and where there is room for optimizations.