Why You Shouldn’t Buy Social Media Followers

Why Social Media Is Important

There are over 3.6 billion people worldwide that use social media, and your business should be taking advantage of that.

Social platforms offer businesses a way of communicating with new and existing customers, building brand awareness and tracking performance at little or no cost. It allows you to check up on what your competitors are doing, what customers are liking and what you can do to improve. 

Many businesses have already taken advantage of what social media has to offer, and in turn it has become a very competitive space. With businesses trying to grow rapidly and outperform their competitors, they may be tempted to cut corners. Though it is important that your business has a social media presence, how you go about it is what really matters.  

Why People Buy Social Media Followers

There are many companies that allow you to purchase social media engagement: followers, likes and comments such as Stormlikes and Kicksta

Most businesses and people that buy followers do so in an effort to grow their platform and kickstart social media success. They want to look well-known and popular, in order to attract more authentic engagement, however, there are many reasons as to why buying followers is not a good long-term solution. 

Why Buying Followers Can Be Dangerous:

Getting Scammed 

Most vendors require a form of payment, which comes before the delivery of followers. Once paid for, there is no way to guarantee that the vendor will deliver its promise. Fake followers can be expensive and people and businesses can be scammed out of a lot of money. 

Being Removed by Social Media Platforms 

If you do manage to successfully buy followers, your account may end up being removed all together. Starting last year, Instagram began cracking down on “fake accounts” for violating their terms of service. 

Low Engagement Levels 

Even if you manage to successfully buy followers and not get caught, it will be easy for organic users to pinpoint your fake account. If an account has lots of followers, but their posts get no likes or comments, it is likely that their followers were purchased. Instead of building brand reputation, this ruins it for the customer. Overall, the risks for buying fake followers are high and the benefits are low. 

How To Grow a Following Organically:

Look At What Your Competitors Are Doing

Social media is great because you can easily see what is working and not working for other people. Take a look at your competitors; what posts do best for them? Which posts do you find most interesting? Then, take that inspiration and make it your own. If you liked it when they did it, others will like it when you do it. 

On top of posts, take a look at who is following your competition, this is likely your target audience. Follow back people that could be potential customers, along with your current customers as well. Even if you have great content, you need people to actually see it. 

Use Hashtags and Location Tags

Using hashtags and location tags is a great way to get your content out to people who may not already be following you. Certain social platforms like Instagram and TikTok include pages that allow users to scroll through content from people they don’t follow. These pages are based on past interactions with similar content. By using tags, your posts will be more likely to make it onto these pages and reach the right people. 

Partner With Other Brands

A great way to get people to your page is through partnerships. It is a mutually beneficial way of driving traffic and gaining followers. Picking companies that have common goals, interests and target audiences is ideal, or companies that may be based in a similar location. 

During a partnership, both companies will design posts that highlight each other, tag each other and engage with each other’s accounts. Since both companies have their own unique following, this provides an opportunity for growth. 

Timely Posting Schedule

If you already have interesting content, are using hashtags and partnering with other brands but your posts are not reaching enough people, it could be because of your posting schedule. 

Make sure you are posting at times that people are on their phones. The ideal posting time differs by day and by platform, so make sure you are doing some research before just posting at random. 

Frequency of posting also matters, and differs by platform as well. On Instagram and Facebook, it is recommended that you post about 3 times per week. On LinkedIn it is recommended that you post once per week, and on Twitter about 15-20 tweets per day. Frequency varies drastically between platforms so it is important to write and schedule content differently for each. 

Growing a social media presence does not happen overnight. It takes time to build consumer trust, brand awareness and engagement, but if you put the time and effort into doing it correctly, you will be met with success.


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