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A Lesson in Effective Social Media


Here’s a lesson for businesses: if you’re going to use Twitter to engage your customers, you better do it right.

While 90% of 50 large retailers studied are active on Twitter, only 29% use the platform to actively engage with shoppers, according to a December 2012 study by digital marketing firm Acquity Group.

Even though fewer retailers are on the social networking sites Pinterest (60%) and Instagram (42%), most of the retailers that have a presence on these sites engage with shoppers there. 80% of the brands on Instagram are responding to consumers on the Facebook-owned social network and 70% of those on Pinterest are interacting with shoppers.

The article concluded that while most brands employed the use of some type of social network, they were often lax on the ability to effectively use it in an overall business strategy.

According to Jay Dettling, the executive VP at Acquity Group, “The important takeaway for brands is to avoid haphazard or sporadic use of social media,” he says. “When a new social media channel is introduced, brands need to take the time to analyze the potential impact and return, and develop a solid strategy from there.”

This is precisely the lesson we convey to our clients at Points Group. We make sure on their behalf to use social media effectively as part of a coordinated strategy.


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