Points Group has a deep understanding of the patient experience and a proven track record of helping healthcare practices enhance it. We understand delivering exceptional patient experiences not only fosters loyalty but also attracts new patients, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of healthcare practices. By leveraging our expertise in healthcare marketing, we develop customized strategies that improve patient communication, streamline appointment scheduling, and implement patient-friendly technologies.

Healthcare market research

At Points Group, we understand that a patient’s experience is one of the most important factors in your practice’s success.

Our patient experience plan includes:

  • Patient experience strategy and plan development
  • Patient experience audits, including secret shoppers
  • Customer service and empathy training for medical office staff
  • Process and operation improvements
  • Call center implementation and optimization
  • Appointment scheduling optimization
    Patient conversion optimization

Patient Experience Audit


Our audit consists of a carefully crafted process that includes:

  • Secret shopper: We use real-life scenarios (appointment scheduling online and by phone, office visit, billing, complaints) to assess how your staff handles different situations and if your processes are set up to address all your patients’ needs
  • Call analysis: We review recorded calls for training and process improvement opportunities
  • Survey analysis: We create and distribute patient satisfaction surveys (or review existing surveys) to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement

Customer Service Training

It takes 12 positive service experiences
to make up for 1 negative experience
We provide standardized instruction, new employee training, and customizations specific to your practice.

Your employees will learn:

How to properly represent the practice
How to work as a cohesive team
Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
Conflict resolution and handling distressed patients
Body language and how to behave in a practice setting

Process and Operation Improvements

We will re-engineer your operational processes to deliver the best possible patient experience. We will also help you develop the right structure in order to provide an efficient and effective patient experience.

Appointment Scheduling Optimization

  • We will help assess and provide a strategy to create or improve appointment scheduling processes, streamlining efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and maximizing resource utilization.

Patient Experience Audit
A marketing agency will get you more calls and leads, but it’s up to you and your staff to turn them into patients. Points Group can help. With our training, your staff will be able to convert calls and emails into new patients through improved call handling, benefit navigation and consistent communication.

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