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We Are
Your Healthcare Marketing Specialists


At Points Group, your success is our priority. With two decades of experience, we’re a leading healthcare marketing agency. Our expertise in understanding your patients helps us identify the best channels to reach them. We create impactful campaigns, generating a steady flow of new patient appointments. Partner with our passionate and diverse team to witness the unparalleled impact of our seasoned professionals in driving your success forward!


Points Group proudly serves a wide range of medical professionals and healthcare practices, catering to the diverse needs of the industry.

• Orthopaedic groups
• Bariatric practices
• Vein centers
• Med spas

• Cardiology practices
• Neurosurgeons
• And more!

Our Aproach

Our approach ensures that we don’t just come up with a solution, but the right solution. Our methodology and healthcare knowledge leads you step-by-step to your goals and the achievement of your objectives. We’re strong believers in a strategy-first approach to marketing. When we apply a strategy based on a defined problem to solve and a goal to achieve, your marketing campaign becomes the most effective it can be.

Integrated Marketing

Our fully integrated delivery model ensures a seamless healthcare marketing experience for you. From crafting tailored healthcare marketing strategies to proficiently executing them, we handle every step in-house. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses branding, marketing, communication, public relations (PR), and operational solutions, all strategically aligned to enhance patient experiences and drive your success. With this cohesive approach, we streamline your marketing efforts, fostering collaboration and maximizing efficiency to achieve tangible and impactful results.

Tools & Technology

We use cutting-edge technology and AI integration to craft highly effective marketing campaigns. By harnessing AI capabilities, we gain valuable insights to optimize strategies, delivering exceptional results. Our expertise in leveraging advanced tools and collaborating with AI ensures finely tuned, data-backed campaigns that meet your audience’s dynamic needs. This technological synergy amplifies our capacity to deliver outstanding outcomes, benefiting your brand and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in healthcare marketing.

Agentur Webfox


Founded in 2000, Agentur Webfox, a top German healthcare and marketing agency, started building state of the art websites for their clients. They became a strong partner for the overall digital business transformation of their clients with an even stronger focus on healthcare. The agency focuses on using its expertise in technical execution to perfect the user experience at various digital touchpoints.



For about 10 years, Narro, a Brazilian reference healthcare and marketing agency, has been working on advertising market, providing services to important national players and helping them reach better outcomes. With a solid business philosophy, Narro cares about creativity, agility, and quality of process. As a result, Narro keeps loyal clients with high satisfaction indexes on all partnership levels.

It all starts with the (right) people – Are you one of them?

At Points, we are always looking for smart, hard-working, curious, informed, thinking people, who do not shy from offering opinions and solutions, and who are looking for a career, not a job.

If you excel in this type of environment and are excited by an opportunity like this, contact us.


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