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Assessing the Process: Taking Hiring From Good to Great

Your company is growing, and you need to hire to handle the increased workload. Congratulations!

Now what?

If you have a small business or practice, it’s likely that many of your original hires were one-offs or even personal referrals that ended up being great employees. But when you expand into a mid-sized company, the hires need to be more strategic. At Points, we are currently in a stage where we need to hire several individuals across different departments in a short amount of time to keep up with company growth. This need is causing us to re-evaluate our hiring practices in a BIG way … and we want to bring you along for the ride!

Trust the Process

Over the years, Points Group has made many hires. Some have been with us since the beginning; others spent quality time with us before moving on and some just didn’t work out. While we feel like we have learned something along the way about the interview process from every hire, we have yet to compile all of our collective knowledge into one cohesive process that we can use to find our next batch of “superstars.”

During our weekly Staff Improvement Impact Meeting (more on those later), we realized that our hiring process needed a (gasp) process. As it turns out, we don’t really have one. There are steps and processes that we use, but we do not have one single step-by-step strategic process to ensure we are attracting skilled candidates that will fit into our culture and elevate our level of work.

What Is the Process?

Once we identified a need for a uniformed process, we identified components worth incorporating into that process, and I was tasked with putting them together at a high-level.

I see the process as follows:

  1. HR is notified that there is a need to hire within the company.
  2. The job description for that position is either created or audited for possible updates.
  3. The subsequent job posting for that position is created or refined.
  4. The job listing and assessment is posted on all available channels (e.g., company website, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, etc.).
  5. The resumes are screened for experience, skill, attitude and motivators.
  6. Acceptable candidates are interviewed by several employees using evaluation documents.
  7. “Tests” are administered for candidates (e.g., writing samples, DM assessment, mock presentations).
  8. The interviewing “board” convenes on their feedback and assessment of the candidate.
  9. OFFER is made, if applicable!
  10. On-boarding process initiates.

Next week, we will be reviewing this timeline and taking a deeper dive into what changes need to be built out along the way in order to get a formal process rolling. My subsequent blog will cover our conclusions (good, bad or otherwise). Stay tuned so we can develop and learn together…