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Bed Bath & Beyond/Grade My Space

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) approached Points to help them develop strategies to develop and grow the relationship with one of their key target groups, college students. While college students do not have a deep brand affinity with BBB, the college business is a very important segment.

In collaboration with BBB, Points developed a concept to allow BBB to increase engagement with students through a non-BBB-branded website that allows students to grade college dorm rooms and/or research schools and dorm rooms.
BBB’s KPI for success was the signup of 2,000 members to the website within the first 6 months. Points was fully responsible for the communication strategy (Social Media) and website management. After 3 months over 11,000 people had signed up to the Grad My Space website. Points was also responsible for the design and development of the website and mobile site.