It may seem like only yesterday you were celebrating the launch of your new website, especially given the time and effort it takes to make it happen. Unfortunately, the reality is that the fast pace at which technology evolves renders things obsolete in a short period of time. This means that your website looks—and acts—its age.

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering if it’s time to overhaul your website:

  • Is my brand message still the same?
  • Does my site load slowly?
  • Have my users’ or customers’ needs or interests changed since my last redesign?
  • Is my content outdated or incomplete?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these, chances are your website is in need of a rework.

In addition to the questions above, there are other reasons why you need to consider a redesign on a regular basis:

You may not be getting the results you want

Your data should reflect effectiveness in regards to building your customer base. If not, it means your website isn’t performing the way it needs to. But thankfully, that data can also probably tell you where you need to make your adjustments. It could range from something as minor as changing button text to something as major as changing your brand’s color scheme. Regardless, an out-of-date website does you and your users a serious disservice.

Your website isn’t working properly

As stated, websites look and act their age after awhile. That’s because the Internet is always changing, which means your website needs to change as well. Failure to do so could leave your website —and therefore, your brand—looking outdated and functioning poorly. Things like contact forms, menus and third-party tools (e.g., shopping cart widgets) can eventually become useless as they change over time, making it harder for users to find out what you’re about, contact you or purchase from you. These issues are a huge turn-off for users, so it’s important to ensure everything is in working order by updating your site.

You aren’t keeping up with your competitors

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to redesign your site every time that one of your competitors does. However, if you find yourself combing through a competitor’s website and realizing they’re able to meet consumer goals better than you, it may be time to make some changes. Failure to do so could send your users straight into the arms of the competition.

Your website isn’t responsive

With most of the world operating on mobile devices, a non-responsive site can be catastrophic for your endgame. Users these days crave a great experience similar to desktop when navigating on their smartphones or devices. In fact, over 52 percent of all website traffic worldwide has been generated through mobile phones thus far in 2018. Therefore, user experience should always be paramount on your site, and should be addressed immediately if it’s not.

Your website design might be outdated

User trends in regards to design, functionality and features are changing more frequently. As a result of the pace of change in user preferences, companies are now forced to review their websites critically, at least, every year. In short, a general rule for a major redesign is every two to three years; anything longer will identify your website as outdated. Contact Points Group today, we can help!

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