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Coffee and Copies: The Life of an Intern

Make no mistake; the title of this blog is not reflective of the intern process here. Yes, coffee is a large component of what runs through our veins, and copies must be made, but as an intern, there are more important things on which to focus – at least at Points Group. And that’s what makes our internship program so unique. You’re not treated as an intern; you’re treated as an employee and there’s work to be done!

From day one, we involve our interns in real projects in which they are held accountable, expect their active participation in strategy sessions and immerse them in Points culture so they have a true office experience and know what it’s like to be part of the team.

Here, we’re invested in our interns. The interest in both educating and learning from them is companywide. The level of inclusion knows no bounds. We don’t want an intern spending three months working as a barista to quench our caffeine deficiencies and making copies because we’re too busy (aka lazy) to get out of our chairs. To us, that screams wasted opportunity. Interns want to learn and we want to teach.

And with that, allow me to introduce our intern program! Every year, we hire several people to fill our internship positions. The duties of the interns depend on which department they are assigned. This year, we have five interns filling various positions.

Renee, a returning intern, is our Design intern. Patrick assists the Communications department while Courtney works within our Media Buy department. David has pledged his service to the Digital Marketing team. Last, but not least, Melissa is tasked with keeping our Website Developers in line. (Just kidding. Not really.)

To further distance us from the “coffee and copies” internship model, each intern is paired with a mentor from their respective departments. The mentor guides each intern through an education process and then provides various projects, allowing the intern to apply accumulated knowledge to real-world scenarios and grow within his/her designated role.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – learning, working, learning, working. Now on to the fun part!

Welcome to The Intern Desk

Buckle up. We went ahead and changed the intern game. You’re welcome, in advance.

In addition to their assigned projects, our five interns have each been tasked with writing and maintaining a weekly blog on one of our web pages, aptly titled The Intern Desk.

Topics for the blog include:

  • A lesson or tidbit they recently learned
  • Anything that stands out during their work weeks
  • Whatever their hearts desire

Stay tuned for The Intern Desk, brought to you by Renee, Pat, Courtney, David and Melissa (otherwise known as RPCDM).

But WAIT, there’s more!

What kind of company would we be if our group of interns did not have some type of team-building exercise? A bad one. RPCDM will be joining forces on an extraordinarily exciting event coming this August! Check in for more updates…