Collecting E-mails in Healthcare Practice Is Not An Option

Interestingly enough, I find that some of our clients do not (consistently) collect E-mail addresses from their patients. From a business perspective this is poor practice in many different aspects. It is imperative to build a patient E-mail database for marketing, quality control and improved communication purposes.

In an almost completely technologically driven age, having the ability to contact your patients via E-mail is extremely crucial.  Here are a few concrete reasons why you should build your E-mail database:


E-mail Newsletters are a perfect way to stay in touch with your patients on multiple levels.  You can inform them about new services, doctors and/or locations along with any other exciting news or events within your practice.  It is a great, cost effective tool to keep your patients “in the loop”.  Just be sure E-mail market correctly: E-mail Marketing: Are you Doing it Right?.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

After your patient’s initial visit with your practice, you can send them a follow up E-mail asking them to fill out a short satisfaction survey on their experience.  Not only will this reveal areas of improvement within your practice, but if the patient left a great testimonial, you can use it on your website and/or other marketing materials.  **Be sure to have a permission check box to use their testimony.

Appointment Reminders

Nowadays E-mail and text messaging is becoming more prevalent than actually calling people.  At Points Group, we’ve developed an appointment reminder tool, which can be set to remind your patients of their appointments via E-mail, text and call of course.  It also has the ability to cancel and reschedule appointments via E-mail and text.  We find this tool extremely efficient because it saves time, lessens “man-power” (office staff physically calling) and decreases the number of missed appointments, which in turn, increases revenue.

Those are just some reasons why filling out the E-mail field on your patient’s form should be a requirement.



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