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Dipping Into the Well of Wellness: 5 Effective Blog Topics for Your Healthcare Practice

Generating original, engaging content for healthcare marketing can be a challenge, whether you’re a writer by trade or not. That’s because healthcare content, by nature, can be dry and unpalatable if not presented correctly.

I get it. I’m with you. The struggle is real, folks.

However, what you need to understand is that the reality of it is this: You are beating yourself up for no reason because there is almost no such thing as “original” content; there are ideas that are simply reworked and massaged to reflect what you represent in your tone of voice.

Now, you may ask yourself: If this is true, then what do I do with all of the original thoughts glommed up by the black hole that is the internet?

If you find yourself stumped on what to write about after swallowing that truth bomb, fear not: You have options.

Below is a list of five general writing prompts that we as a healthcare marketing company found to be tried and true to help generate traffic and get noticed, even if someone else has already written about it. Remember, it’s your spin that makes it unique, not necessarily the idea itself.

1) Introducing a New Physician or Member of the Team

The beauty of this starting point is twofold: You get new content out there and get the word out there that you’ve added a fresh new face to your practice.

A bit of advice regarding this particular topic: In addition to talking about the new member’s credentials and experience, talk about who he/she is as a person. It will help to give your practice a personal and human feel. In doing so, you make readers more comfortable and willing to trust you.

2) Introducing a New Procedure

Like the topic that preceded it, this one has a twofold purpose: getting the word out about a new procedure you’re offering and setting yourself up in the eyes of your readers as an expert utilizing the latest tools in the industry to help your patients.

3) Provide Tips That Are Season-Specific

These are always a lot of fun and pretty easy to do…

Step one: Pick a season.

Step two: Think of something potentially harmful that occurs during that season.

Step three: Compile a list of ways to avoid (or counteract) the potentially harmful thing that is easy for readers to follow.

Remember, keep it light and casual as if you’re having a conversation with a friend. Or, if it helps, pretend you’re writing one of those amusing little BuzzFeed articles.

4) Highlight Your Good Work in Your Community

Writing about any community work you’re involved in is always a plus. It shows that you’re an active member of the community you serve and that you care about the people within that community. Be sure to include pictures, if possible and add online donation links (if applicable) to your call to action (when you tell people to reach out for more information or to schedule an appointment) at the end.

5) Myth Busting

Again, another easy and fun way to engage readers in an easy-to-digest list (I LOVE lists for content). Same rules basically apply…

Step one: Choose a series of rumors related to your field that you know to be common knowledge, yet false.

Step two: Debunk those myths.

The added bonus to this topic is that it shows readers that you’re keeping current with the latest information available on topics that are important to them.