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Find the Right Marketing Agency for Your Practice (And Why It Should Be Us)

Digital marketing can be one of your most powerful tools. It can connect you to an audience that would not have found you otherwise. However, it must be used strategically and efficiently. Marketing agencies are a great way to meet your goals and outsource the work. A major key to remember is marketing agencies are not one size fits all. So, what should you be looking for? 

The short answer: develop your SMART goals. 


The first step before you even start looking for a marketing agency is deciding what your company or brand’s personal goals are.


After your goals are established, it’s time to create a list of agencies. When choosing who you want to work with, treat the process the same as if you were hiring the agency to be a member of your team.


We want to be your partner. With 20 years of experience in the healthcare marketing industry, we know what works. What makes Points Group different:

  • We are healthcare focused and stay up to date on the latest trends 
  • We understand HIPAA regulations and tailor our campaigns accordingly
  • We are full-service and create customized packages for each client based on their needs/goals
  • We never post anything/make any changes to a website without client approval 
  • We meet monthly (or weekly – depending on the client) to review projects
  • We report on our marketing efforts and will review reports on client calls


If you’re searching for a strategic partner who understands your healthcare marketing needs, choose Points Group.