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How to Grow Your B2B Email List Online

Email is always the marketing channel in question. Is it effective, or do consumers ignore the e-blasts they receive from even their favorite brands? Well, numbers speak louder than words and these stats should not be ignored. 

  • Email marketing results in ROI of 4200% ($42 for every $1 spent)
  • Email is 40% better at converting than social media channels
  • Marketing and advertising emails influence purchase decisions of 50.7% of consumers

Growing Your B2B Email List

  1. Start with Your Existing Clients. This is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck since there is previous communication and successful engagement.
  2. Pop-ups on Your Website. Just because someone came onto your website and didn’t purchase something, doesn’t mean they are a dead lead. If they engage with a pop-up on your website it shows they are still interested or in need of your services but aren’t in the conversion phase of the customer journey.
  3. Get Creative with Content. Quizzes, listicles, contests and giveaways are fun, engaging and reach a wide audience all while you’re collecting their names and emails.
  4. Repurposed Content. In an all-consuming digital world, repetition is necessary to reach the full potential of your audience. Turn your blog content into whitepapers, social media posts and newsletter topics. Whitepapers and case studies are still a very effective way to collect emails and educate your audience about your services.
  5. Chatbots and Contact Forms. Let’s face it, your sales team isn’t working 24/7. A chatbot or contact form on your website or social media allows you to gather user information while you sleep. 
  6. Email Automation. If you’re just starting out with email marketing, email automation isn’t necessary at launch. It’s a powerful tool that can send time or action triggered emails to specific subscribers with personalized information. In order to reach email automation’s potential, your email list should be well established and organized.
  7. My Personal Favorite: LinkedIn Marketing. LinkedIn is more than just a place for employers to find their next employee. LinkedIn has become a resource for people within all industries to further their skill set and careers through networking, webinars, certifications and more. 

Partnering with lead generation platforms can utilize the same targeting as your LinkedIn Ads to build a list of potential connections and start a personal conversation. Lead generation tools can be used to make LinkedIn profile connections to relevant users from your target audience and start email drip campaigns.

Measuring Success of Email Marketing

Every industry is different in terms of performance expectations but across all industries, these are the metrics you should pay attention to.

Open Rate

Open rate refers to the percentage of email recipients who opened your email. This is the most important high level metric because your emails won’t be effective if they are left unopened. While every industry has different rates, the overall average open rate is 15-25%.

Click-through Rate

Click-through rate (CTR) refers to the percentage of email recipients who clicked a link inside your email. This metric will show the effectiveness of your messaging. The overall average click-through rate of email marketing is 2.5%.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of email recipients who completed a specific action through your email, such as purchasing a product. The average conversion rate from email marketing is 15.1%.

Unsubscribe Rate

Unsubscribe rate refers to the percentage of email recipients who clicked the unsubscribe link in your email. There are a lot of factors that affect the overall unsubscribe rate but the most common factor is the frequency of your emails. If you send too many or too little emails, your audience will lose interest. The overall average unsubscribe rate is 0.1%. 

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