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Baby Boomers Count: Why it is Essential to ‘Focus Market’ to the Older Generation

At Points Group LLC, our ‘baby boomer’ experts understand the power of marketing to the generation that is known for idolizing the Beatles (or the Rolling Stones) and jogging for health. However, for a long time, marketing to the “older generation” was deemed a waste of time. However, those ‘in the know’ realize that the ‘baby boomer’ generation is now considered a very powerful marketing target indeed, one that requires a particular focus as well.

First of all, this generation is known for its active and inquisitive nature and its thirst to explore new horizons—whether it is products, travel, self-help, care for aging parents, life with pets or new innovations in fitness and healthcare.

According to Points Group CEO Thomas Hofstetter, whose business relies on the ‘baby boomer’ market, “You have to understand the characteristics of ‘baby boomers.’ They have been able to build their wealth to focus spending on measures to prolong their health and lifespan.” So, as Hofstetter explains, you go where your target audience is: in this case, places like gyms and the golf course.

While usual methods of getting the word out can still be effective, the first mistake is to think that ‘baby boomers’ are only reachable through traditional media: newspapers, television and radio. Believe it or not, the average baby boomer spends more time online than a teenager (15 hours per week versus 13 hours). One Points Group medical group client has reported great success with new patients coming to them directly as a result of reading accounts of similar patient stories on their website, found through a Google search.

You also have to understand the language that resonates with this generation, Hofstetter claims. That includes all aspects of modern communication delivery, such as the Internet. “Your aim is to awaken a solution to a need, but you first have to anticipate that need.” Baby boomers represent a very focused niche market, he explains, so, as he has done for his clients, he targets his efforts. For example, a health client might plan events such as an injury prevention clinic for golf that focuses on rotator cuff (shoulder) injuries.

Whether it’s after children move out, divorce or retirement—life changes represent opportunities in the market for ‘baby boomers’ to take advantage of new directions. And in regards to health, this is the same ‘me generation’ who embraced the fitness movement beginning in the 1970’s and 1980’s and care deeply about their healthcare. What’s more, from menopause to aging muscles, we all require more and varied healthcare services as we age.

So, as a marketer, don’t ignore the generation that craves and requires consuming. Just be aware of exactly how to target your message.