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Improving Your SEO Strategy (A Just Some Points Companion Blog)

Shorter content can earn more backlinks

In this episode, we cover data that show the importance of shorter content, from earning the most backlinks to the number of shares for the content to the subjects or topics that had the most clicks and shares. One type of content had the highest number of shares over multiple verticals (subject areas), even trumping video content – the “how-to” content, whether that be in a blog or newsletter or email. For any industry, in your content:

  • Meet the user intent – i.e., know your audience!
  • Keep it straightforward and to the point (short!)
  • Never underestimate the impact of “how-to” content

If link building is one of your objectives, shorter content is the best choice, along with how-to topics. Don’t kill off your long content just yet though. Long content is still important depending on the audience you are trying to reach.

Why you need a content writer and editor

How do you accomplish hitting the mark with your content? Hiring a content writer and editor. Doing everything possible to save money during this COVID-19 pandemic is understandable and causing companies to take a hard look at their expenses. However, cutting your marketing and content services budget is a short-term bandage that ultimately leads to a loss of income. Content and the copywriting are part of a business’s brand and culture, both internally and externally. Most people think of an editor as just somebody that checks for grammar and typos, and that’s not at all the case. “Editor” is a very broad term encompassing a very specific set of knowledge and is a craft. Yes, editors/writers must know and apply proper grammar, but they also have to:

  • Keep up with industry and overall trends, such as conscious content, diversity, people first language
  • Be able to hook your reader in the first sentence
  • Understand and apply best SEO practices
  • Maintain a consistent voice for your brand image
  • Be a subject matter expert that can take complex industry language and translate it into shorter, easy-to-understand information that is useful to your audience
  • Do research and fact-checking (never underestimate your reader!)

Many smaller companies may think they cannot afford a content writer or content services, but using a freelance or independent contractor to outsource your content needs is an affordable solution. Outsourcing is not only economical, but also maintains consistency and quality, and you can even write your own material. This is one of the unique services Points Group offers, with our pool of experienced content editors and writers available for outsourcing on an hourly or contract basis.

Eight tips for improving your SEO strategy

The problem with SEO is that it’s constantly changing and the complexity is huge. SEO can be very hard sometimes to comprehend as a client. Our top eight list of things you should focus on for next year as it relates to SEO includes:

  • The upcoming Google algorithm change, which is very much focused on user experience. You will need to come up with an action plan to address the myriad components of this algorithm.
  • High-quality content continues to be very important. High-quality content doesn’t mean the content you created and still have posted will remain to be high quality. It has to be timely, relevant and helpful relevant.
  • “How-to” guides, including video tutorials, podcasts, infographics with answers to common questions, useful hacks and quick tips. Those are the things that people want to see.
  • “Sales-y”  language is outdated and you have to sell through quality content now.

Watch now for more tips on improving your SEO strategy.

The bottom line (TL;DR)

  • Shorter, “how-to” content
  • Content writers and editors are a necessity to your SEO strategy and branding
  • SEO must be a significant part of your marketing spend because that’s really where you earn your money and get a return on your investment