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Integrating the Social Media team with the Business

One of the biggest challenges as a company providing social media services is seamless collaboration with the client. It’s close to impossible to create quality content for our clients without any input. As much as our clients need our social media expertise, we need them to understand their business and their expectations. It’s a two-way street and failing to recognize that will create a stagnant and unsuccessful social presence.

It is our job as a service provider to set the expectation with a client early and implement a process that sets up their social campaign for success. No matter the reason, without the client’s input, you do not have the tools you need to make the social presence successful. So how should a “two-way street-process” be setup?

  • Create a content charter. At the beginning of your engagement, create a document that defines what you should post and how you should interact on social media. The more detailed, the more comfortable you will be as you manage their social pages. The client can look at this document and see how the service provider envisions to present their brand in social media.
  • Schedule regular social media update meetings. Discuss stats, exchange opinions on what the direction should be, brainstorm campaign ideas and discuss the integration with offline activities.
  • Have a client contact. Social media is unpredictable. Even with the most detailed content charter, it is still helpful to have the ability to contact your client, either directly or through someone else with decision-making authority. This will ensure that rapid decision making and minimal reaction time in the case of time sensitive social media engagement.
  • Create a content plan. Yes, you would think all social media has to be ad hoc. Social media is often spontaneous, but there is a planning component to it as well. Some of the more successful social media campaigns were planned well in advance. Examples for this might be events (e.g. Superbowl) or special dates (e.g. Valentines Day).

While I wrote this blog from the perspective of a service provider, even if you are not using a service provider to manage your social media, all of these points are still valid and important for you to take into account.