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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Kara’s Korner


Stepping into the office on Tuesday for my third first day at Points, I was excited and nervous. Excited to take on newer, bigger projects than before and nervous about making sure I could keep up with it all. The one thing I love about working for Points is that although from the outside it looks like a typical 9 to 5 office, there is truly never a dull moment. On any given day you can expect to be greeted by a friendly face on a scooter zooming down a long hallway, or an authentic Italian Ice truck coming for lunch one day (both happened within my first two days). I’m excited to expand my horizons this summer at Points and learn more about this business, while working alongside many talented and insightful people.


What’s unique about a Points internship is that it allows me to learn about things I never thought I would be interested in. Having a multifaceted position affords me the opportunity to accumulate knowledge in all aspects of this company. Walking into the office after a long weekend, I was ready to get started on something completely fresh. This week’s new task was transferring content from an old website to a new website, and it really helped me gain respect for the attention to detail that a website requires in order to look neat and put together. Meanwhile, I have been trying to pick up a basic understanding of HTML to help make the formatting process easier on the new website. This is something I never dreamed would intrigue me, but I love being able to get my hands on different types of projects that allow me to keep expanding my horizons.


One thing that many people do not know about me is that I am hoping to pursue a career in nursing. While this may seem irrelevant to the work I do here, I believe my internship at Points is incredibly beneficial in helping me build a strong professional foundation for the future. This week in particular also reminded me of a crucial aspect of interning and working in general: learning from others. On Monday, Melissa gave a brief presentation about a technology she uses for creating websites. Although this is not my area of expertise, it was really interesting to see what she is working on. Everyone here has such different strengths, so it is interesting to see how other people contribute to this company. This has also helped me identify my specific strengths and weaknesses. I believe focusing on those strengths and weaknesses will help me not only at this company, but in my future career.