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The Life of a Man Who Lives Life on the Web: An Interview With the Newest Member of the Points Family

Points Group has recently added another valuable member to our already formidable team of creatives: Ryan Bracey, Web Designer and Developer. When he isn’t teaching middle-aged women how to paint in his free time or wandering around the office park (admittedly with me) playing Pokémon GO, Ryan is busy creating dazzling webpage designs and imaginative webpages for our clients. I sat down with our Jack-of-all-trades to learn a little more about his world.


How did you get into web designing and developing?

It was just the natural flow of things. On my first job, I worked at a printing press. I really got into learning how to set up for printers. I was then at an outsource publishing house, where I actually got to do print design. So, I went from learning how to print to designing for print. During that time, I was also moved to web advertising. Then, I worked another job doing digital advertising, such as programmatic ads and was asked to work on a website for a separate project. All in all, what I do now was a natural progression of other positions.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be hired here. At Points, I operate as a web designer first and a web developer second. I like the work that I do here for our clients.


What inspired you to do what you do now?

I always had sketchbooks as a kid. I had hundreds and hundreds of pages that I had drawn on. I never knew art was something I could pursue as a career, and even in high school I only bothered taking one art class. So, I went to college to become a doctor of pharmacy. I got halfway through my first semester and realized I hated it. I then switched to graphic design and never looked back.


Do you find designing/developing for healthcare challenging?

It’s not really any different or more challenging than anything else if I’m being honest. You have your messaging. You have your imagery. It’s going to come together in the end. It’s really just the content that’s different.


What is the most rewarding thing about what you do here?

Being able to surprise people – to take the spark of an idea that they had and turn it into something that has come to life, something they can see and interact with. It’s that moment of Oh, my God. You did this with what I gave you? How did you do this? It’s being able to take it from concept to completion, seeing people’s reactions, which I think I enjoy the most.