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Pat’s PR Podium


My first two days at Points went by quicker than a freight train. I enjoyed meeting everybody in the office and learning about what they do. After a tour of the facility and staff intros, I also had the opportunity to get to know the other interns joining me this summer. David, Courtney, Renee and Melissa are friendly, helpful and easy to talk to. So are Danielle and Allyson, who are spearheading the summer intern program. They graciously took us under their wings. (They also took us to lunch. Score!) They are doing a great job of making me and the other interns feel comfortable. I’m excited for my summer at Points.


My second week at Points included both observational and hands-on learning while sitting in on meetings and assisting in department assignments. Working with Mary Ann, Gloria and Mary Kate (the content team) has provided me with many opportunities for growth and knowledge. I have been introduced to a variety of websites and tools, such as, Wrike and Gather Content. With an interest in PR, I am learning how to properly talk to journalists over the phone, and how to create and format a press release. While I have mainly been working in the realm of Communications, I have also had chances to learn from the other departments.


This week I assisted Gloria, and the PR team, in creating a media list for the new practice opening in Warren. I continued to contact news paper outlets to try to find out where to send the press release. Gloria held a meeting with the interns about the importance of public speaking. I learned a lot from this meeting, including how to make eye contact, how to sit up right, and how to project my voice by clearing my diaphragm. I believe public speaking is a skill that can benefit me going forward if I can continue practice and make improvements. This week I also helped set up the Intern Confessional in the studio. I helped the Video Department create a colorful and comfortable place for the interns to vent about their workdays.


This past week I worked on a couple different excel spreadsheets. I walked around our complex and went door to door to find out what each company in our complex does and where they are located. After collecting the information from each company, I compiled it into a spreadsheet and created a directory. Later in the day I assisted the Video department by finding images for a company commercial. I also worked on an excel spread sheet for the PR department. This PR spread sheet was a media report for the outlets we were able to connect with for our last press release. This was the first media report I have ever worked on. I found learning how to do a media report to be interesting and it will definitely be a useful skill for the future. My main focus this week was working on multiple spreadsheets and learning how to layout and create a media report.


I recently accompanied our in-house photographer to a photoshoot. We arrived at 7:20 a.m. for doctor headshots, but the doctors weren’t instructed to show up until 8:00 a.m. This forty-minute window allowed us to set up the background, lighting, and cameras. I learned the importance of all three of those components. The background has to cover everything that would appear behind the person being photographed to eliminate visual distractions and create a cohesive aesthetic. The lighting has to illuminate the subject’s face without blinding the subject with bright lights, so a careful balance is imperative. The camera needs to be still and focused.

Of course, comfortability plays a key role, and the photographer did a great job at making the doctors feel relaxed in front of the camera. I noticed a clear difference in the photos when the doctors were relaxed versus not. I also discovered that everyone feels differently about having their photographs taken. For example, a few doctors did not care at all about how they looked and just wanted to get it over with while others scrutinized their pictures and requested to have more taken.

This was the first photoshoot I have ever set up and observed. The experience of being there helped me understand everything that goes on behind the scenes of professional photography.




I am starting my final week at Points Group today. Overall, my experience this summer has been great. Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and welcoming. I learned a variety of things during my time here at Points. The PR team taught me how to create and properly format a press release. I learned how to use websites such as Gather Content, Wrike and I also learned how to speak professionally over the phone with potential clients. I researched and reached out to potential news outlets for one of our press releases. It took some time for me to become comfortable talking to people over the phone but now I feel significantly more confident in doing so.

In addition to speaking over the phone, I also learned how to speak publicly. I learned the importance of eye contact, good posture and projecting my voice. I recently went on a photoshoot to at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, an experience which taught me how to set up a photoshoot, and how to conduct myself with the people being photographed.

In conclusion, my time here at Points was extremely beneficial for my future. I learned many useful skills from multiple departments of the company. More importantly, I felt comfortable at Points because everyone who works here is so friendly and approachable. The hands-on learning and positive atmosphere came together to make an unforgettable internship experience!