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Points Group and Dermatology Authority Form Partnership to Help Dermatologists Improve and Grow Their Businesses

Points Group and Dermatology Authority are excited to announce they have recently joined forces, providing a new and broad range of fully integrated services to the dermatology market. In doing so, they are serving both new and established dermatologists and dermatology practices with an opportunity to grow their businesses in ways that are innovative and unmatched.

Points Group is an award-winning healthcare consulting and marketing firm, whose services include such essentials as strategy development, digital marketing, PR, marketing campaigns and operations management. Dermatology Authority is a unique national company that provides career development, recruiting and education event services solely to dermatology practices. Together, Points Group and Dermatology Authority provide the dermatology profession with the opportunity to manage and grow their practices with the resources of a single company.

“This partnership allows us to provide the services we have perfected to those in the dermatology field, one of the most widely-utilized branches of medicine,” explains Thomas Hofstetter, Managing Partner, Points Group. “We have kicked off our partnership with the creation of The Derm Toolkit, which is a complete set of tools, forms, best practices, and services for the operation and marketing of a dermatology practice.”

Points Group and Dermatology Authority will join forces to launch The Derm Toolkit at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Summer Meeting in Boston July 28 – 31, 2016.

“Our partnership with Points makes us a ‘one-stop shop’ for dermatology practices,” states Kim Campbell, President, Dermatology Authority. “The combination of expertise and services we can provide together for every level and need in dermatology is now unsurpassed.”

Dermatology is one of the fastest growing medical practices in terms of revenue. Innovations in research and product development have widely contributed to the continuing growth in the field of dermatology.