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Points Group Wins Additional Design Awards

In addition to the two awards for American Web Design already garnered this year from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA), Points Group seems unstoppable as it just notched another three honors.

In the category of In-House Design, Points Group received awards for its Calendar, Memo Pad and Sales Kit.

According to Points Group Design Director Karen Thomas, the In-House Design Award-winning pieces were crafted with specific functions. “The unique three-dimensional cube-like calendar, which was sent to hundreds of clients, was designed as something people could use, and that would also stand out.”

In regards to the memo pad, Thomas said, “It is an internal project to get people to organize and prioritize—a fun way to do it that actually works.”

Finally, she commented on the business materials created for the various trade shows in which the company participates. “These are unique marketing pieces with an eye toward a design ‘outside the box’, one of which includes an interactive component.”

Over the years, Points Group has won a number of awards from GDUSA. Congratulations once again to the Points Group design team!