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Points Group Earns Top Honors From Graphic Design USA

Points Group proudly announces our latest coup: multiple awards for 2014 from Graphic Design USA (GDUSA). The awards represent two websites, two mailers, and one logo — and reflect the core achievement of our cutting-edge and innovative company, its staff as well as its services. Last year, Points Group won an award from GDUSA as well.

5 Decades of Design Recognition

On September 15, GDUSA released its announcement of the winners of the 51st Annual American Graphic Design Awards. These awards honor the best graphic design work of the year in all media including print and collateral, branding and corporate identity, packaging and point-of-purchase, advertising and sales promotion, direct mail and catalogs, magazines and books, broadcast and video, and internet and interactive design.

For more than five decades, GDUSA has sponsored design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. The American Graphic Design Awards is the flagship competition, and is open to everyone in the graphic arts community—graphic design firms, advertising agencies, in-house corporate and institutional designers, publishers and other media. This year, there were 8,500 entries; a very selective 15 percent were selected for recognition.

Health+Wellness Design – New for 2014

In a new category this year, Points Group took home two awards in the category of American Health+Wellness Design Awards. This competition celebrates the power of graphic design to serve organizations, people, products and services which foster health and wellness in our society. This year’s entries topped 1,000 and just a shade more than 10 percent were recognized with a Certificate.

This new competition encompasses the big picture of healthcare: traditional medical industries such as doctors and nurses, hospitals and homecare, pharmaceuticals and insurance, as well as newly energized preventive and holistic areas such as fitness and exercise, meditation and spiritual, and natural and organic lifestyles.

Winning clients included government agencies and NGOs such as the CDC, NIH, HHS and the United Nations; major insurers and pharmaceutical companies; HMOs and private medical and dental practices; healthcare trade associations and university medical centers; hospitals and senior care; national and regional foundations and non-profits; health-oriented publications and media; organic foods and beauty products; clean air and water advocates; spas and fitness centers; vitamin and nutrition retailers; and much more.

According to Points Group CEO Thomas Hofstetter, “The awards are evidence of our continued successful work in healthcare marketing. They are proof of the quality of our work from an external independent organization. The fact that we are competing in our specific category, the best in healthcare marketing, makes it even more meaningful.”

Karen Thomas, Director of Design & Creative Services at Points Group, is particularly gratified. She makes the point that, “I think everyone judges their own work with a critical eye. Getting this recognition is a reminder that when you step away, you can see what you create with a fresh eye.”

“We’re creating things day in and day out; the fact that they are noticed and receiving recognition makes a real difference.”

She is also particularly proud to be recognized for creating her own company, Points Group’s, logo. It was one of hardest for this exact reason. “It meant coming up with a hundred percent new brand with no restrictions or guidelines. So it was scary but it was a good adventure. That shows in the end product. The logo is edgy and fun but clean, simple, unique. It stands out on the paper and that’s important.”

For the Look Natural seminar project, Karen Thomas went for a “bold statement and attention-grabbing image, so that when it came in the mail, it kept the recipient from just tossing it away. That one concept lifted the practice’s branding to an even higher level, achieving a high-end appeal for the client.”

In the Points Group setting she explains, “I’m very integrated into all the steps, whether working on my own or collaboratively with others.”

“A lot of those in our field have to stay within the box. But we have the ability to make things outside the box. We’re doing more edgy, fun designs; exploring new trends and incorporating livelier colors and fonts.” – Karen Thomas, Director of Design and Creative Services

Jasmine Rodriguez, Web Graphic Designer for Points Group, led the effort for the award-winning website designs. Of The Plastic Surgery Center’s Look Natural website she says, “The goal was to do what other sites have not done, since the medical websites often seem to be very similar. Look Natural has more of a ‘lean look’. It’s responsive. (it doesn’t matter which device you own, it morphs to all devices).” With Advanced Neurosurgery Associates, Rodriguez was going for “a fresh, not clinical look,” making the site more modern and inviting.

In general, says Rodriguez,  “I always try to bring something new to my designs, which especially in the case of the medical clients, often means breaking away from the norm.” Of winning the awards she says, “It’s not often one gets an award. It’s humbling.”

An awards showcase will appear in early Decembers in GDUSA’s 2014 Design Annual in print, app, digital and online.

GDUSA 2014 American Graphic Design Awards

  • Category: Website
    Client: The Plastic Surgery Center
    Title: Look Natural Website
    Designer: Jasmine Rodriguez
    Art Director: Karen Thomas
  • Category: Logo
    Client: Points Group LLC
    Title: Points Group Logo
    Designer: Karen Thomas
  • Category: Mailer
    Client: The Plastic Surgery Center
    Title: Unveil The Possibilities Mailer
    Designer: Karen Thomas

GDUSA 2014 American Health+Wellness Design Awards

  • Client: Advanced Neurosurgery Associates
    Title: Advanced Neurosurgery Associates Website
    Category: Website & Mobile Site
    Designer: Jasmine Rodriguez
    Art Director: Karen Thomas
  • Client: The Plastic Surgery Center
    Title: Unveil The Possibilities Mailer
    Category: Mailer
    Designer: Karen Thomas

GDUSA 2013 American Graphic Design Awards

  • Category: Brochure + Collateral
    Client: Axon Advance Foundation
    Title: Axon Advance Foundation Booklet
    Designer: Karen Thomas