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Points Group Merges with MultiVerse Publishing

Florham Park, NJ, April 1, 2020 – Points Group, a leading strategy, branding and marketing company with a heavy focus in healthcare, announces the merger with MultiVerse Publishing, a premier content development and publishing company. 

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, MultiVerse Publishing provides a wide range of customized services, including publishing project management, product development, and content creation across multiple platforms, including books, journals, blogs and websites. They also offer expertise in technical writing, copy editing, proofreading, research, instructional design and more. 

“The ability to develop high quality content will continue to be a strategically important aspect for our clients.” says Thomas Hofstetter, Managing Partner at Points Group. “With the merging of MultiVerse Publishing and Points Group, we are perfectly positioned to offer a very unique set of services that are completely and seamlessly integrated with our other digital service offerings.” 

The merged organization will operate under the brand of Points Group and will expand the geographic footprint from the East Coast to St. Louis, providing improved services which will focus on serving the Midwest market. 

“We are very excited about joining Points Group and providing new services to our clients,” says Kristen Lovell, CEO of Multiverse Publishing. “With our combined knowledge and expertise, we are especially excited about our ability to deliver world class content development services integrated with the broad range of (digital) marketing services for end-to-end publishing services all delivered from America.”

About Points Group

Points Group has evolved from a management consulting group to a nationally recognized, award-winning full-range marketing agency and product company. Combining strategic thinking with tactical execution, supported by marketing products, Points Group helps companies grow, market and improve their services, operations and customer or patient experience. 

Points Group is part of Blue Baden LLC, a provider of marketing and publishing services, as well as marketing related software products for the healthcare industry. 

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