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Points Medical and Points Consulting merge to Points Group LLC.

New Company broadens strategic consulting services for clients and expands industries

(Morristown, NJ, November, 2011)—Points Consulting and Points Medical announce their strategic merger to form Points Group, LLC, a full-service management and marketing consulting firm. The new company will provide a unique set of streamlined services aimed at helping clients meet both internal and external objectives for growth and development.

Points Consulting has extensive experience in management consulting, particularly for multibillion-dollar businesses. It brings to the merged entity a well-honed expertise in developing personalized IT products, improving customer relations and working with upper management on internal processes.

Points Medical, which has focused on private physician practices and other health care groups, is a spinoff of Points Consulting that was founded nearly four years ago. Since then, it has established itself as a results-oriented leader in maximizing potential and accomplishing objectives through the provision of end-to-end growth and marketing services.

“Points Group will draw on the combined strengths of Points Consulting and Points Medical, and allow us to provide our highly valued marketing services to an expanded, more diverse client base,” said Thomas Hofstetter, CEO of Points Group, LLC. “Overall, our clients will benefit from our detailed attention to all facets of the consulting spectrum—-from strategizing and development to marketing and execution.”

One area of special focus for Points Group, LLC will be assisting emerging and mid-size companies. It also will have an office in Berlin, Germany, to enable clients to get a foothold throughout Europe.
Points Group LLC., is an International Consulting and Marketing Agency specializing in helping companies build brands and grow their business.

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