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2023 Social Media Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Rising inflation, reduced consumer spending, and an impending recession are some factors likely to significantly impact the healthcare marketing industry in 2023. If you run a healthcare practice, tailoring your social media strategy accordingly could help you reach more patients and increase your patient acquisition rate.

Here’s a look at social media trends to follow in 2023 and how to contact Points Group for all your healthcare marketing needs.

Social Media Trend #1: Seeking Creators If You Run a Small Healthcare Practice

In recent months, many large healthcare practices have been reducing their budgets and laying off workers to combat the recession and inflation. As a result, they are spending less on social media influencers who could broaden their patient reach. This means smaller healthcare practices now have more opportunities to connect with “creators” who can take their social media following to the next level.

If you’re not quite ready to include creator-related costs in your budget, consider offering promos or “freebies” instead. For example, if you run a medical day spa that sells its own line of skincare products, reach out to a beauty influencer and offer free skincare products in exchange for a review of your product in a blog or video.

Social Media Trend #2: Trying Social Media for the First Time, Thanks to ROI Receipts

Many businesses are still hesitant to try or invest in social media, including healthcare practices. However, many businesses do say they have noticed a major uptick in ROI since they first started using it.

If your healthcare practice isn’t currently using social media, now is the time to start. Work with a healthcare marketing company that specializes in social media and in tracking its metrics, performance, and other 2023 trends. If other healthcare practices are reporting an increase in ROI from using social media, it’s highly likely yours will, too — especially if you work with a healthcare marketing company.

Social Media Trend #3: Learning How to Successfully Cross-Post

Cross-posting is the practice of sharing the same post, or content, over several social media platforms. However, the key to making it work is to tailor each of your posts to each particular social media site instead of copying and pasting the same exact post on every site. This can broaden the reach of your content and make it more appealing to the users on each platform.

Successful cross-posting involves knowing why people go to certain platforms. For instance, people who want the latest news and updates go to Twitter, while people who want content that is funny and entertaining go to Instagram or Tik Tok.

Take a look at which of your social media accounts have the lowest engagement rates and devise a strategy to change the way you post to those sites. A healthcare marketing company can help you develop a sound social media strategy that increases patient reach.

Contact Points Group if you need help reaching and attracting more patients to your healthcare practice, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of future social media trends. Our services include website development, digital marketing, email marketing, and many more!