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Strategy and ACTivate workshop Case Study


A large New Jersey private orthopaedic practice contacted Points Group to create a Growth Strategy. Early in the process, however, it became clear that partnering physicians had a different definition of what growth meant to them.
Varying opinions included:

  • Staying the same size but increase revenue by offering new services
  • Add new physicians
  • Open new locations
  • Some did not want to grow and actually wanted to scale back their individual practice


Before embarking on the strategy creation, Points Group conducted the ACTivate workshop, requiring all of the key stakeholders to come together. Through the workshop we were able to get all members to agree on WHAT they wanted for the practice, which ultimately drove HOW that would happen. (Read more about the Points Approach: The What, The How, The Who)

From that stage, Points Group developed a marketing growth strategy which we than executed. Without the ACTivate workshop, we would have not been able to get buy-in and cooperation from all parties. The workshop allowed everyone to be a part of the process and fully understand and remember WHAT the goals were and how to stay on track to accomplish those goals. As a result, the practice has since added four new physicians and opened a new state-of-the-art facility.