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The Pandemic’s Impact on Video Ads

Online video views have been rising as people spend more time watching content through online channels while at home. The rise in video impressions served to Connected TV (CTV) platforms during Q2 shows advertisers started to spend again in April through June, during the initial stage of the pandemic. 

  • Video impressions served to CTV platforms rose to 40% in Q2 after a drop in Q1
  • 26% of video ad impressions were served in-app, while 12% were served to mobile web 
  • 79% of those video ads used the 30-second format 

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on video ads extends beyond the buying strategies. A report from VidMob found that emotions in videos actually impacted sales. 

  • Surprised emotions in the first three seconds led to 360% jump in performance from the start of the pandemic to lockdown
  • Ads with happy emotions saw a decrease of 64% in conversions
  • Calm videos increased purchases by 156% during lockdown
  • Ads showing women drove a 325% increase in performance