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To Video or Not to Video?

To Video or Not to Video?

The way we consume and produce media is evolving daily. One of the most powerful forms of media that is shaping the way we take in information is video. From tutorials, informational, or even commercials video is one of the most engaging and popular ways to intake media very quickly. According to a study by Statista, “During the third quarter of 2022, online videos recorded an audience reach of almost 93 percent among internet users worldwide.” So why would it be important for a company to invest in videos for marketing? How does it help with engagement? How does it help with brand awareness? Well, let’s take a look at how video plays a big role in current marketing strategies.


Today with the speed of the internet and how optimized things can be, videos play a vital role in people getting various forms of information. Videos can be shared easily between people and their accessibility makes them a convenient tool for spreading your message. According to Wyzowl, “People are 52% more likely to share video content than any other type of content.” With how fast people move in today’s society it is an easier way to take in information rather than reading a full article of text. It’s also convenient to watch videos in an age where for the most part everyone has a mobile device. The easier it is to see your content, the more chance it has to be seen. The numerous amounts of platforms video can live on makes it easier for your message to be spread as well.


One of the many ways videos help with marketing is by making your brand or company have a personality. A video helps bring life to your brand or product by letting your intended audience become aware of what your values are and what kind of message you are trying to share. This is a way for you to get personal with your intended audience and help identify your brand’s voice. This makes it easier for your audience to connect and possibly relate to your intended service. Just like product research, your audience will want to know more about your brand and video makes that a simpler approach. The best kind of personality is one you give yourself and with video, it really helps your viewer understand how you want to be presented.


Another purpose videos help with marketing is by gauging and identifying your audience’s views. With most places where videos can be hosted, you can get feedback via views, likes, comments, or even shares. You can also get detailed information like estimated watch-time and geographic location if the video was found organically and much more. Now you may ask why are these important to you. Well, one of the most important things in marketing is identifying who relates to your brand and how to market to them. With this information, you can develop a plan to gauge interest in your brand and in doing so market it to that demographic. Regardless of good or bad, feedback is valuable when it comes to building your brand or product. You can develop and plan how to improve your strategy via that instant feedback. 


Every day the way we engage and how we find media is evolving. Videos on this hand have come a long way and are continuously changing the way people interact with information daily. Now in a marketing sense, videos help explain the who and why of your intended message. Not only that but it helps people connect to you in a more interactive, human way. You can only fit so much information on a graphic ad and most times people really don’t get the full message you are trying to promote. By using video you give your viewer the opportunity to visually engage with your message and help them do it in a more down-to-earth, realistic way. This personable approach is what will help your intended audience identify with your goals and bring your message to life. 

Wrapping Up

Video is an effective way for any brand to spread its message in a very personable and quick way. The way videos live through various platforms already shows how powerful they are to their viewers and how quickly they are consumed. From scrolling through TikTok to watching product reviews on YouTube, there’s no limit to the power that video plays in engaging in people’s daily lives. Using video to amplify your brand will help keep your presence up-to-date and relatable in this age of digital media. The more you show your intended audience the better outcome you will have in connecting to them and in turn maintaining that connection. It’s always better to show, don’t tell.  

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