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Top 10 Ways to Use Video On Your Medical Practice Website

Did you know that when someone does a search online they are more likely to click on a video than on a text link? Maybe you’re well aware that video is an extremely desirable way for people to consume information, but you’re just not sure where to begin?

It’s time to take the plunge and immerse your medical practice in the world of online video marketing. Here are 10 tips on how to integrate video into your website.

  1. Testimonials
    Video testimonials are a powerful way for one patient to speak to another about their experience. Take your website to the next level by allowing prospective patients to learn more about your medical practice by listening to other patients describe their experiences about your physicians, staff and facility.
  2. Success stories
    Think of a success story as an extended testimonial that shows the big picture. A patient success story can show prospective patients the journey that someone goes through from diagnosis through recovery by combining commentary from the patient and his or her doctors. A well-produced success story will leave the viewer feeling both uplifted and informed.
  3. Video Brochure
    This is the time to show a brief overview of your medical practice and provide high-level information about your physicians and services. Typically found on the homepage of a website, the video brochure should capture the viewers attention quickly, and leave them with the desire to explore your website further.
  4. Doctor Presentations
    Your physicians may participate in lectures and speaking engagements throughout the year. Make the most of their time by preserving the content of their speeches on video. This will give the visitors to your website the opportunity to watch their doctors in action and see something that they might have otherwise missed.
  5. Services
    Reading about a medical procedure or service can be daunting for patients. A video is a great way to convey the information with a reassuring tone that will put their minds at ease. It is also a way to really expand your YouTube channel with helpful information that Internet users are searching for. The more views a video has, the more credibility it is perceived to have.
  6. Pre-Surgical Instructions
    Don’t forget to include often-repeated information in your video library. Pre-surgical instructions will provide an excellent resource for patients who may need reminders about what to do prior to their procedure, and what to expect.
  7. Post-Surgical Instructions
    Following surgery your patients may not be in the best frame of mind to fully understand what to expect during recovery and other instructions needed to aid in that process. A video that details the information will allow your physicians’ instructions to be viewed as a follow-up once the patient is resting comfortably at home.
  8. Video FAQ
    There’s no need to rely solely on written responses when you can provide video of your physicians and clinicians answering common questions. This will build trust with your patients because they will know that the information is coming from a board certified medical doctor.
  9. Facility Tour
    Video tours of your facility are a great way to set your medical practice apart from the rest. Showing off your facilities and amenities will help attract patients to your practice. This is especially important for medical practices that focus primarily on elective procedures, such as cosmetic surgery.
  10. Educational Videos
    Show your patients and prospective patients that your physicians are on the forefront of their respective fields. Educational videos detailing information about procedures, conditions or specialized training will allow your physicians to highlight their expertise and commitment to excellence.

Bonus Round

Putting the effort into producing a library of online video content isn’t just a value to your website. These videos can be broadcasted across your social media accounts, shown to patients in your waiting rooms and even emailed. In fact, statistics show that videos in email increases click through rate by 96%!

At Points Group we understand the value of video content for your medical practice. For more information on how to use video to attract visitors to your website, contact us.