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Understanding the YouTube Streamlining Improvements

The new YouTube update has creators in mind with its improvements to channel displays. Changes will implement categories on each individual channel page. These tools help visitors find more relevant content.

Channel displays will open with a top section, under the existing header, of ‘For You’ suggestions based on the visitor’s viewing history. Channel managers will also be able to select the type of content (videos, shorts, livestreams) they wish to include or exclude. 

New displays could be a way to maximize engagement by showing viewers content that they may not have seen, rather than hoping they will sift through all of the content. 

YouTube is looking to simplify its display. If there are any tabs not being used, they will simply be hidden. For example, the playlist tab. If not in use, this tab will simply not appear on a channel not using this feature. 

The platform announced they are making these edits to make room for future additions. YouTube previewed a new feature for “Courses.” A perfect opportunity for medical practices to showcase their informational videos in an organized fashion. 

Streamlining and simplifying the channel display may aid in improved engagement.  

With the focus of content today being heavily impacted by video, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends in the space as well as within the individual platforms. TikTok isn’t just in the social media category. It’s also a huge competitor to traditional entertainment platforms. Years ago, YouTube was the first to create that level of competition. So, don’t count YouTube out! 

All of these changes in digital marketing can be tricky to keep up with. Look to Points Group, for all of your marketing needs and to stay in the know.