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Did You Know Existing Leads Can Do Your Email Marketing for You?

Email marketing has the potential to generate hundreds of new leads for your business every month. Believe it or not, all you need to do is focus on your existing email marketing leads!

Here’s more about the importance of maintaining an email marketing campaign, along with email marketing tips that can help you attract new patients to your healthcare practice.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Patients may visit your website regularly to make appointments and to learn more about their symptoms and conditions. However, email marketing helps you connect with your target audience personally and share updates related to your practice. It allows you to become an industry leader by giving you a platform to share the latest healthcare news.

Email marketing can also:

    • Reach your audience in real-time
    • Increase awareness of your brand
    • Be extremely cost-effective and affordable
    • Be easy to analyze and measure

How to Use Existing Leads to Generate New Email Marketing Leads

The easiest way to generate new email marketing leads is to get your existing leads to do most of the legwork. This can be accomplished by featuring clear call-to-actions (CTAs) in your emails that tell your existing leads what to do next.

Use Attractive Buttons

Place buttons in your emails that say “Email to a friend” or “Share this offer with a friend.” Then, turn them into “mailto” hyperlinks that open a new compose email window when clicked on. This makes it easier for your existing leads to forward your messages to others.

Place Buttons on Thank-You Pages

Feature the CTA buttons on the “thank you” pages that display after your patients make an appointment, buy one of your products, or download an ebook. This encourages them to share the offer with friends and family.

Include the Buttons in Follow-Up Emails

Place CTA buttons in any auto-response or follow-up emails your patients receive after accepting an offer or performing certain actions on your website. For example, if one of your patients buys discounted skincare products from your medical day spa, thank them for their business and encourage them to tell their friends about the discount.

Offer Incentives

Reward your target audience for sharing your emails. For example, give them unique coupon codes or special offers if they share your email with at least five other people. You can even offer greater incentives for existing leads who encourage others to sign up for your email newsletter.

We Can Help You With Email Marketing

Contact Points Group if you need more email marketing examples or help with setting up an email marketing campaign for your healthcare practice. Also, consider signing up for our newsletter to receive the latest email marketing tips and tricks. Our healthcare marketing services include social media, website development, email marketing, and many more!