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Wondering How to Increase Patient Volume? We’ll Be Your Guide

High patient volume is essential to keeping the doors of your healthcare practice open and competing with urgent care centers and walk-in clinics. If you’ve been brainstorming on how to improve your digital marketing strategy to increase patient volume, we’re happy to say you’re on the right track!

Follow these tips to attract and increase patients and benefit from higher revenue and online visibility.

Feature Patient Reviews

An estimated 72% of patients will read online reviews before they even consider making an appointment with a new healthcare provider. Of that amount, 72% said they would choose only providers with at least a 4-star rating.

Work with a web designer to have patient reviews featured prominently on your website. Feature the top reviews in a carousel on your home page, or create a page dedicated solely to reviews.

Maintain a Blog

Blogging has the potential to bring up to 55% more visitors to your website. It also offers benefits, including:

    • Increased brand visibility and trust
    • Higher conversion
    • Increased engagement
    • Recognition as an industry leader
    • A boost in SEO

Ask your marketing team about keywords that are driving patients to your site, and focus on blogging about related topics.

Use Contact Forms

Make it easy for patients to contact your practice and request an appointment by featuring prominent contact information on your website. Create a dedicated contact page listing your phone numbers, email addresses, fax number, and social media accounts. This page should include a HIPPA compliant form that patients can submit with questions or to request an appointment. Also, consider featuring contact forms on every page on your website. The more forms, the more opportunities to convert a website visitor to a patient in the office.

Add and Update Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a brief snippet of information that describes the content of a webpage to the person searching for it—including Google. Meta descriptions allow Google to rank your page accordingly based on search queries.

Create meta descriptions for each of your web pages and update the current ones to make them more interesting and appealing. An estimated 43% of people will click on a search result in Google based on its meta description alone.

Publish a Monthly Newsletter

Email newsletters can effectively foster a sense of community between your medical practice and patients. They can establish trust and deliver updates on the latest healthcare news and trends.

Work with your marketing team to develop a weekly or monthly newsletter. HubSpot reports that an estimated 73% of millennials prefer business communications to come by email.

Other benefits of newsletters include:

    • Opportunity to collect patient feedback
    • Increase in ROI
    • Higher website traffic
    • Increased patient reach
    • More leads

Contact Points Group if you want to increase patient volume for your healthcare practice, and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest content marketing tips and tricks. Our medical marketing services include social media, website development, email marketing, and many more!